Independent Testing and QA Company

QSG (Quality Service Group) is an independent Software testing and test automation company. We started in the year 2005 and our test lab which is located in Bangalore, India, is equipped to provide high quality, cost effective quality assurance services to global Software development firms.

QSG provides end-to-end quality assurance, testing and test automation services to Software development firms and those who are desirous of achieving high level of quality in their Software products and services. Our area of expertise covers formulating appropriate test strategy, manual and automated testing, process audit and finally assisting Software products and solution owners to make data driven decisions on quality of their products and services.

We are driven by the commitment to quality. Our methods and tools have evolved through sustained efforts and learning over a long period of our existence. By being selective in offering our services in Software quality assurance and testing, we are focused on expending our energies to achieve expertise in an area that is crucial to Software users and owners.

Driven by Perfection, Desire for Learning

In QSG, we do not just aim at Testing as a software engineering task. We consider this to be an opportunity to achieve a near perfect quality. Quality is not just conformance to specifications. It is understood in its wider meaning that it encompasses fitness for use, reliability, security and fast response carrying specified load of work. When we feel our current product knowledge, methods and skills fall short of the desired level, we are ever ready to learn and bring new knowledge and skills to accomplish tasks. Willingness and ability to continuously learn and the processes for quick learning sets our organization apart from many others as one that is grounded in experience but hungry for learning.

Specialized Automation Teams

Automation is not merely for eliminating manual labor. It helps accomplish tasks that are manually impossible or inefficient to perform. Our teams are driven by this philosophy and are trained to devise automation strategies that provide coverage, speed and consistency of test execution. In a Software development world that is in continuous flux, change is a reality and the automation strategy and assets are designed in such a way that changes can be implemented with minimal intervention.

Our R&D efforts are focused towards discovering newer and better tools, integration of various tools to achieve self-executing automation environment, custom scripting to either address special needs or to enhance the functionality of existing tools. We have also developed many in-house tools to enhance the testability of Software requirements.

Wide Spectrum Testing

While Information Technology has revolutionized the way we work, live and communicate, the internal revolution that has taken place in the IT world within a short span of 15 to 20 years has posed great opportunities as well as challenges to Software development companies. Maintaining of old world software products and solutions as well as porting the functionalities to newer platforms and devices require knowledge and experience as well as adaptability to new environments. In QSG, we are equipped to test both old and new – whether it is Web, Desktop or Mobile on many platforms and in an environment of complex networked systems.

Our mobile testing provides both device and API level coverage to mobile apps so that integrity and reliability of the app system is thoroughly tested and certified for stressful use.